Supplying what our customers need is a challenge we are ready and able to handle. With that in mind, we stock carbon steel pipe and sell a variety of piping used for various structural applications, water wells, sign poles and more. We are also committed to serving the offshore market for large diameter and the pipeline market for the transportation of oil & gas.

Proudly serving the oil & gas industry, piping supply houses, pipe end-users, and pipe suppliers for over a decade with the following products:  

ERW Pipe

ERW PIPE: Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) is cold-formed from a ribbon of steel that is pulled through a series of rollers to produce tubes. The tubes are then fused with an electric charge without the use of welder filler material.

    Available finishes:
  • Bare
  • Coated

Available in lengths up to and over 100 feet and a variety of diameters.



DSAW PIPE: Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW) is manufactured by first forming steel plates into cylindrical shapes. The edges of the rolled plate are formed to produce v-shaped grooves on the interior and exterior surfaces at the seam. The pipe seam is then welded by an arc welder in a single pass on the interior and exterior surfaces. The welding arc is then submerged under a flux.

    Available specifications:
  • Straight or spiral welded formats
  • Very large diameters
  • Exact inside and/or outside dimensions

DSAW Pipe is distinguishable by the spiral DSAW seam that runs the length of the pipe up to 155 feet.

Advantages: The submerged welding process protects the steel from the contamination of air impurities. The welds also penetrate 100% of the pipe wall, producing a very strong bond.



SMLS PIPE: Seamless Steel Pipe (SMLS) is formed when a solid round steel billet is heated and pushed or pulled over a form until the steel is formed into a hollow tube. It is then finished to a specified wall thickness from ⅛ inch to 26 inch OD.

Available in specified wall thicknesses from 1/8th inch to 26 inch OD


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